Solar Power is on the cutting edge of technology with new and ever-advancing ideas and products. Many companies advance solar technology, but one name stands out above the rest: Tesla. Tesla’s innovative electric cars, spacecraft, and solar power systems lead the way in technology, lowering the human carbon footprint, and sustainable living. 

What is a Powerwall?

One of Tesla’s newest innovations is the Tesla Powerwall. This is a battery that is installed with solar panels that catch the electricity from the sun and stores it for later use. So rather than the electricity being sent to the electric company, it is stored for the use of the homeowner or business. 

A Powerwall is a battery that hangs on a wall and can be controlled and monitored through a phone app anywhere at any time. No maintenance is required. If the power goes out, this battery automatically kicks in and runs your electricity, even for prolonged power outages.

How Businesses Use Powerwalls

The JFK Airport in New York, in response to recent weather-induced power shutdowns and overload-related blackouts, installed a solar-plus-storage system to reduce its power load by 10%. Businesses can use the Powerwall to lower electricity usage and assist in power outages.

How Private Residences Use Powerwalls

Powerwalls are installed with a home solar panel system. The size of the Powerwall was engineered for day-to-day use in a home. It stores solar energy for on-demand use to help reduce reliance on grid electricity. This system relies on the sun so that even in extended power outages, your home retains power. The change from grid to battery power is completely seamless, keeping your home powered 24/7. The Tesla app allows you to control and monitor your Powerwall from anywhere at any time.

Going Off-grid with Powerwalls

Is it possible to go completely off-grid with a Tesla Powerwall? Not exactly, but it’s a good start. You will find lower power bills and be able to store electricity for your own use later in the day when the sun goes down, but you will not be able to go completely off-grid. 

One Powerwall will give extra hours of power once the sun goes down. However; more Powerwalls (you can install up to ten for each system) will provide days of electricity use. This is useful for power outages that could last for days. 

Where Can You Find Powerwalls?

Whether you want to install a  Powerwall to your existing solar panel system or get a whole system including Powerwall, you can find everything you need at Sol-up USA. Along with their top-of-the-line solar power systems, Sol-up USA is a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall.

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