Cutting-Edge Premium Technology

Solar technology is evolving and we are at the forefront. Sol-Up is constantly scanning the market for the newest solar products and negotiating with manufacturers all over the world to always provide you with the most advanced, efficient and reliable solutions available.

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Your solar installation process - simplified!

We analyze your roof using satellite images and create a system design based on your power bill. We provide in-home site visits for a free energy consultation and present our solar proposal.

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Eliminate Your Power Bill

A solar electric system from Sol-Up USA will eliminate your monthly power bill or at least significantly reduce your monthly payments and lock in your rates.

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Government Solar Energy Installation

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Sol-Up is equipped to handle projects of any size

With a solid financial history, Sol-Up partners with the best manufacturers and subcontractors to deliver maximum performance and successful solar installation projects.

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Sol-Up USA - Always On Time And On Budget!

Recent Net Metering Changes And What It Means For Those Going Solar

With the recent net metering changes, where the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada voted to switch to a new rate based system, this fact did not change the economics of going solar in Nevada. The new rates consist of a gradual incremental scale over the next 12 years, whereas the next increase will not be until 2019 – or three years from now, making it a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a solar system.

For those who installed solar or had a NV Energy reservation on or before Dec. 31st, 2015, you are now eligible for grandfathering into the low NEM 1 rates. For more information please visit NV Energy Renewable Generations page.

Introducing The Latest Advancement In Solar Technology

Our frameless, bi-facial solar panels generate electricity from both sides, boosting system production by up to twenty percent! With its high-efficiency coupled with the lowest temperature coefficient among all solar panels, each panel is capable of producing the most energy per square foot, whether on a building’s rooftop or on the ground.


The Sol-Up Solar Advantage

Sol-Up is a leading solar power installation company that uses the latest solar technologies and installation methods to provide our clients with the best solar set up. Sol-Up has specially trained technicians that perform panel installations, ensuring that our customers not only receive quality products, they also receive a professional installation for optimal energy collection.


How Sol-Up Is Different

Sol-Up is not just a contractor like many others, rather an organization with a huge commitment to the future of solar energy and the ambition to entirely change the energy landscape of this region. Our goal is to make Las Vegas  the solar capital of the world!

Sol-Up USA is a local privately owned company with a rock solid financial base. Our success completely relies on the satisfaction of our customers. We believe in honesty, reliability and responsibility and treat you with great friendliness and respect.


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Affordable Solar Energy

We at Sol-Up believe that solar energy and the installation of solar panels must be affordable to anyone who is able to pay a power bill. The price for solar modules has lowered by more than half in the last few years. Advanced racking technology and rapidly improving installation skills further help to reduce costs to a level that can be paid off in just a few years, ultimately reducing your average electric bill.

We continuously optimize our installation techniques and reduce our own expenses to an absolute minimum, in turn providing you with the lowest price possible so that you can quickly go solar! Our lean management structure and the intensive use of computer software in all stages of the solar project life cycle enable us to operate with the smallest margins while still maintaining the state of a healthy and profitable company. Our goal is to not only make Nevada Power affordable, but energy all over the country. Yes, we’re ambitious but also realistic.

Unlike others, we always provide you with the best price right from the beginning no matter who you are. It’s important to us that you don’t overspend and eventually reach an affordable electric bill. We treat everyone in the same way no matter if you’re old or young, or have a big or small home. Our commitment is to help all Las Vegas residents to go solar, and we equally enjoy selling a small system to a retired couple as well as a huge solar panel array for a fancy home.

One thing we never do though is compromise on solar panel installation quality. So, if you ask for quotes from different companies make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Please consider all stages of the solar project including installing solar panels and mounting equipment. In the most unlikely event that we are still more expensive than a competitor, show us their quote and we will match it.

Why Go Solar

Many people that are considering changing their homes over to solar power do so because of the savings they will enjoy from not having to pay an energy bill. While this is a very large advantage to using solar power, there are also additional financial benefits to be realized.

Rebates/PECs & Tax Credits

Nevada Energy is offering incentives to home owners that have rooftop solar. Federal tax credits are also available to those who choose to go solar. Currently, these incentives help lowering the costs of purchasing a solar system and because these incentives will expire in the near future, now is the best time to consider going solar.

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Nevada's Sunny Sky

There are few places in the world with comparable sunshine conditions like here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Almost nowhere can you find a place with so many residential homes perfectly suited to carry a rooftop solar system with little to no shading issues caused by trees and larger buildings.

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Renewable Energy Is Sustainable

We at Sol-Up care about the environment and the future of our children. No matter whatever political direction you may come from, most will likely agree that everything possible needs to be done to keep this world livable for our children, grandchildren and the future generations to come.

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Solar Is a Good Investment

Everyone knows solar is good for the environment. A less known fact is that buying a solar system is probably one of the best investment opportunities available today. Especially if you live in a location like Las Vegas. All of our solar systems are warranted to work for at least 25 years and substantially increase the value of your home in case you need to move.

Solar ROI graph

An Investment With All The Rewards And No Risks

Solar Power Fact: The savings on your monthly power bills coupled with preserving a cleaner planet make solar absolutely worth it!


Any investment decision is based on two factors: Profit and Risk. The bigger the risk – the higher the possible profit. If you want to be on the safe side, placing money in a bank savings account will earn you less then 0.5% interest rate per year. Or if you’re hunting for the bargain, the stock market is where you should look – if things go well you can make a profit of 10% over a few years – if not you might lose it all. An investment in solar has the highest returns among all investment products with little to no risks!


An investment into a Sol-Up solar system combines all the good parts. At Sol-Up, our prices for equipment have drastically gone down  over the past years and our installation skills became much more efficient. This reduced the total costs of our systems today to about 50% of what that they used to be just a few years ago and guarantee the owner an annual profit of between 7 and 15%! And the best news about it is – this all comes with a risk smaller than having a bank account. The sun will always shine in Las Vegas, and for those of you who like the speculation aspect of an investment: The SREC/PEC program might provide you with additional benefits which could greatly increase your profits in the future! Another important argument to consider is that a solar system, even if you have to take a loan to finance it, locks in your electricity rates. It gives you complete freedom of inflation risks and ever rising utility costs. Future time-of-use programs which will tremendously raise rates for normal clients during the summer afternoon periods can not affect you since your solar system will take care of it.

The Sol-Up Quality

Buying a solar system is a serious investment for most people. To guarantee the payback, it must provide carefree operations that many other solar companies don’t consider. We at Sol-Up are crazy about the quality. So crazy that we’ll do everything in our control to make sure you have the best Nevada Power options available to you. We’re consistently checking all the components of our solar systems for possible improvements and stay in intensive dialogue with our suppliers to always provide the highest quality. We also want to ensure that your rooftop solar panels are at its lowest price point. A solar project consist of many stages and every single element is performed with the highest diligence.

We Take Pride In Our Quality

Put your mind at ease. A serious solar investment requires a quality contractor.

  • Product Quality

    All of our products at Sol-Up USA come with the most extensive solar panel warranties in the industry. We request that our suppliers provide us with equipment expected to last for a minimum of 25 years without solar rooftop further maintenance. We only work with the most reputable manufacturers in the world who have a solid position in the solar power market and can be trusted to stay alive for the time that their products are under warranty. For PV modules, we only consider manufacturers who provide an additional insurance to backup the 25-year power warranty. We only carry mounting equipment where all parts are guaranteed to be free of corrosion mostly made of Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Because of these factors, we consider ourselves the imminent Las Vegas solar power company.

  • Engineering Quality

    The best product is useless if it isn’t designed to perform under given circumstances. Here at Sol-Up Las Vegas, we take pride in using the most sophisticated software tools for system design and mathematical calculations in order to receive the things you need like electricity in Las Vegas. It can get hot out there and AC is essential! Each of our systems has gone through a number of engineering steps which promises that the requested specifications are acknowledged before being installed on the rooftop. Our clients can be sure to get exactly what they have paid for and what has been specified in our proposal.

  • Installation Quality

    Our installers are the best professionals in Las Vegas, if not the best in the state of Nevada. They are always supervised by a foreman with many years of solar power installation experience. All our staff members are sharing Sol-Up’s total quality commitment and are dedicated to doing the best job possible. Because of their consistent workload, our Las Vegas solar experts are trained to keep up and develop their skills on a daily basis even under the extreme conditions during the hot Las Vegas summers. We’re lucky to provide the valley with solar jobs in Las Vegas as well, helping our community in every way we can.

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