2020 Raiders Stadium Joins the List of Energy Freedom.

While the construction of the new Raiders Stadium is underway, so is the mission to be off the NV Energy grid. The stadium is expected to be completed in 2020 and has requested to outsource energy. The stadium has disclosed its provider as the Texas based Tenaska Power Services Co.

Paving the way for Alternative Sources

The Raiders Stadium is not the first company requesting to leave. Following in their footsteps is the new Madison Square Garden Sphere Project (MSG). Both companies have requested exodus from the grid without penalty or impact fees. They are only the two most recent of the ever-growing list of companies who have requested to outsource their energy needs along side MGM International, Wynn, and Caesar’s Entertainment Corp. The stadium has officially been given the okay to move forward with obtaining their energy from their alternative source with no repercussion fees due to the fact that they are not currently connected to the grid.

Thinking Ahead for Energy

Although the request to leave the grid is the same, one thing for certain is the price tag isn’t. Planning ahead for the stadium energy needs has paid off for the Raiders. Over the last 3 years NV Energy has profited roughly $149.4 million in exodus and impact fees from just MGM International, Wynn and Caesar’s alone. One major difference and deciding factor was the planning and timing for the request. Should the request have been placed after the completion of the stadium it is safe to say freedom would have come with a price.

The stadium may have found a way out of the monopoly, however locals may not be as lucky. As more and more companies make the decision to use outside resources the cost of residential energy will rise. One way locals can counteract this unwanted increase is by utilizing our natural resource, the Sun! Solar can help minimize your dependence on the grid all while lowering energy costs and providing your home with clean green energy. Contact us for a quote today!

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