Las Vegas is the fourth sunniest city in the entire world. Yet, the city is still facing hurdles when it comes to the solar panel revolution taking place all across the world. A power struggle is in our midst as power companies such as Nevada Energy purposefully attempt to disrupt the sale of solar power to residents in hopes that people will remain dependent on their traditional sources of energy.

At the National Clean nergy Summit late last month, the debate was shelved, at least for the time being, as the Nevada Public Utilities Commission voted to not increase net-metering rates for Nevada’s solar companies, an albeit temporary victory for solar energy advocates.

Here in the desert, capturing the sun’s free energy is potentially available to everyone. This exciting ability for individuals to produce their own clean energy, use it as they wish to power their homes and electric cars and often times send extra power back to the grid has been an important tool in moving the renewable energy market forward. Despite this, power companies in many states, including Nevada are taking measures to discourage the use of rooftop solar energy.

At the National Clean Energy Summit, the message presented was different than in the past. Before, the focus was extolling to people the benefits of using solar panels to power homes, but now it has shifted to keep the path of the solar revolution unobstructed.

A net metering system with rebates and other industry incentives has been successful in drawing many new customers to add renewable energy to Nevada’s grid. So many, in fact, that net metering of rooftop solar reached the 235-megawatt cap in August, thus showing that the movement to go solar is catching on a lot faster than we’re led to believe.

We at Sol-Up are excited about the Nevada net metering decision by the Public Utilities Commission. It means that we can continue supplying our customers with affordable alternative energy. Contact us for a free consultation and go solar today!

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