Drone now a part of Sol-Up engineering operation

Las Vegas, NV, June 9, 2014 –  Sol-Up today announces the use of a flying drone to assess roof spaces, revolutionizing photovoltaic (pv) system design and allowing for more optimized and precise calculations and measurements. The engineering and design process for solar pv systems often relies on satellite images. Newly constructed homes do not appear on satellite images until many months later – hence the need for aerial views in these situations.

Our DJI Phantom II is a truly professional tool for Sol-Up to analyze roof spaces, giving us another leading edge in the solar industry. This machine is currently the most sophisticated system on the market and we are just beginning to utilize its potential, said Frank Rieger, the CEO of Sol-Up.

Sol-Up officials emphasize that the images captured by the company’s unmanned drone are being used only to aid in its drafting and designing process.

This is the first time a drone is used as part of the engineering operation of a solar power company in Nevada. This revolutionary approach has several advantages. Aside from the ability to acquire images previously unavailable via satellites, a flying drone eliminates the risk of human accidents above rooftops while allowing Sol-Up to customize its customer experience down to an individual level.

With the addition of the flying drone, we no longer have to send workers up rooftops to examine available spaces for solar panels. This means we can move faster with our design process and in turn making our clients happier by shortening the process from the initial design stage to the final installation stage, said Tu Anh Tran, a Sol-Up engineer.

For more information on the latest technology from Sol-Up, visit www.solup.com.



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Sol-Up is a locally operated and privately owned solar panel service and installation company in Las Vegas, NV. Sol-Up is committed to change the energy landscape of Nevada and to make Las Vegas the solar capital of the world by offering the best prices and excellent customer service, making solar affordable to both residential and business clients. Visit the company online at www.solup.com and follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

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