Conscientious people across America are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint by electrifying their lives by using a trusted solar installer. We are seeing a seismic shift in the way people buy cars. Instead of going down to the same dealership they’ve always gone to and trading in old Betsy for a new, more modern version of what they’ve been driving, people are expanding their horizons and looking at electrified vehicles. But what does Tesla solar cost?

At the forefront of the solar systems and movement is Elon Musk’s Tesla. This American automotive and solar giant has forever altered Detroit and the typical mode of American transportation.  They currently offer a stable of luxury electric vehicles that can run well above $80,000. 

Their entry level vehicle, the Tesla 3, has a starting price around $48,000. In the automotive world, saving the planet and reducing the cost of fuel represents a significant initial investment. But like most things the cheap option is seldom better.

 Conscientious people are playing a long game, not a short one. They’re concerned about the future and willing to deal with this short-term sting of today.

Having successfully launched the Tesla automotive division, the company has expanded. It now offers exceptional solar panels and the highly sought-after Tesla battery panels. Tesla battery storage panels are more correctly known as “powerwalls.” We’re proud to report that these superior products are available at your nearby Sol-Up solar power company here in Nevada.

Hopefully you’ve already heard good things about Tesla panels and Powerwalls.  They provide backup energy storage, a safeguard against power outages, and a level of energy independence. 

Tesla solar installation las vegas

They come in multiple sizes and configurations. Because of the harsh heat in Southern Nevada and the intemperate frigidness of northern Nevada, it’s always best to install your Tesla Powerwall inside. And of course, install Tesla panels where they’ll receive the most direct sunlight.

One of the biggest incentives for using Tesla panels is their aesthetic appeal. They’re stylishly designed, and the mounting brackets are as unobtrusive as possible. Add a Tesla Powerwall and you have a self-sufficient home of the future.

This information is all well and good, but at the end of the day smart people always want to know the bottom line. What is it going to cost for  a Tesla solar install? 

The cost depends on how much electricity you’d like to generate to meet your current needs and to accommodate reasonable growth in your family’s future electric consumption. You should always calculate and add in a bit of a buffer to anticipate future electrical use in case new family members arrive or you add more technology to your home. 

The average 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in America is roughly 2,500 square feet in size.  It consumes about 12,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. As previously mentioned, smart estimators build in a buffer and plan on more kilowatt output than they currently use. So, plan accordingly. 

Tesla uses commercial grade solar panels that consist of 72 cells and generate 425 watts of power with a panel weight of roughly 48 pounds. To accommodate the demands of peak usage, you should have no less than 12 panels. 

A very loose estimate of the cost to install a Tesla solar system on an average 3 bedroom home in Nevada starts at roughly $30,000.

Now the above estimate can vary widely based on how many hours of peak sunlight your roof receives and other factors such as shade from surrounding trees or nearby obstructions.This is before you take advantage of this year’s 26% income tax credit. That’s a really significant amount! 

Using the above estimate, you’ll recover $7,800! Also, please know that Tesla often has a price matching program where they will match competitor pricing for similar panels. Talk to your Sol-Up Advisor for complete details and start saving on your electric bill. 

To ensure an accurate quoting, to meet your concerns about quality and functionality, have your Sol-Up Solar Tesla and solar panel Consultant come by and make a FREE, no obligation estimate. They’ll go over a well-established menu of variables, help calculate your current and projected use of electricity, show you various options for equipment and installation, and be a greater help than you could ever imagined. 

Sol-Up is a professional solar panel installation and consultant company based in Nevada , U.S.A.  Our Solar Blog gives expert advice and the latest information on the solar industry.This article was originally published on Sol-Up Blog 

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