Solar panels have been on the market for a long time, but they’re more important now than ever before. At Sol-Up, we deal with many solar panel installations every day. We’re in a great position to tell you what you can get out of it. There are many benefits of solar panels in homes, as well as its effect on the environment. Here are a few of the main ones:

Exploring the Benefits of Solar Panels in Homes

Save money on energy bills

If you take a look at the solar panel savings statistics, you’ll see that the average electric bill with solar panels is remarkably lower than a bill without them. The simple fact is that solar panels provide you with a renewable and free source of energy. You power your home from the sun, and that doesn’t cost a penny.

So, even if you substitute a percentage of your energy with solar power, your home will still see dramatic savings. But, if you powered your home entirely via solar energy, then you could completely wipe out your energy bills. Use any online solar panel savings calculator, and it will amaze you to see how much you’ll save.

Lower your carbon footprint

Aside from the excellent solar panel savings, you also see the benefit of lowering your carbon footprint. It’s no secret that the world is changing—and not in a good way. Too many fossil fuels are being burned, which release carbon emissions into the air, damaging our environment. We’re all guilty of contributing to this as fossil fuels make up most of our energy sources at home or in the office.

But, with solar panels, you drastically reduce your carbon footprint. It provides you with a source of clean and sustainable energy, which does wonders for the environment. Put it this way; if everyone switched to solar power, then we wouldn’t be worrying about climate change!

Receive tax benefits

Did you know that you can earn tax credits when you switch to solar energy? It’s true, and this is something that was brought in by the Solar Energy Industries Association. Firstly, you will receive a 30% tax credit for all solar systems on residential and commercial properties. What this means is you can claim back 30% of the total costs from installing your solar system.

So, if your system costs $30,000, you can claim back $10,000. As if this wasn’t already helpful, you can also earn money through Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Without getting too complicated, the basic gist of this is that you sell your renewable electricity back to the grid. The government pays you for it, which means you can potentially make money from a solar installation.

When you pay attention to these benefits, they’re pretty substantial. The amount of money you can save on a month-to-month basis by slashing power bills with solar energy is astonishing. But, when you factor in that you can make tax savings and earn money through, SEO, SRECs, then it’s even more impressive. On top of all this, you also lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment.

Switch to Solar Energy with Sol-Up

Now that you are ready to save money and experience the benefits that solar panel systems offer, then contact Sol-Up today, and we’ll help you find the perfect product for your property.

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