Flipping The Switch On Power Outages

I know I can’t be the only one that hates when the power goes out. You find yourself questioning if you paid the bill or if it got lost in the shuffle. You may even go outside or peak through your window to see if your neighbors have power. Once the power outage is confirmed then it’s all a waiting game, but for how long, minutes possibly hours? Power outages can really put a dent in our wallet and our day.

What Goes Up Must Come Down 

It recent news the leading cause behind two of the February power outages in Las Vegas were due to Mylar balloons. For those unfamiliar, Mylar balloons the are cute little aluminum balloons used as celebration décor. These balloons can cost anywhere from $.99 to $14.99 and are causing thousands in damages and outages. Aside from the damages caused the loss of energy is just inconvenient. With this latest news let us all reconsider letting our kids release those balloons into the air.

Back It Up Solar and Battery Back Up Diagram

Hitting the market over the last year or so, has been the success of home battery backups. A lot of people may not know that a solar system is not necessarily needed to have a home battery backup system, however, there are several benefits to having solar along with a battery, primarily due to the tax credit incentive. Having both means you can generate your own energy during the day, use your excess generation at night, and not have to worry about grid outages. One thing we can all agree on is the Sun has never failed to rise so why wouldn’t we let the Sun work for us. It has never been easier to get your free solar quote. Call us today and let us show you how easy it can be to regain power and independence.

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