In the past few years, the demand for all types of fuel has increased all over the world. The need for solar and wind energy, however, has grown at a double-digit pace. Read on to learn more about our changing global energy demand and how alternative sources of energy can help support it.

Changes in Energy Demand around the World

A big part of the increase in global energy demand stemmed from the higher need for heating and cooling. Recently, there have been historic high and low temperatures being recorded across the globe.

How solar energy will help

Research from Green Car Congress shows that electricity, for now, continues to be the fuel of the future. But global energy demand is growing with about half of the growth due to increasing power generation.

We all know that solar energy creates clean, renewable power. It’s the best alternative to fossil fuels. Utilizing solar energy reduces greenhouse gases around the world. There are many benefits of solar and have been proven to have a favorable impact on our entire environment.

Natural gas and fuels

World energy demand grew by 2.3% last year. The force of momentum is due to a robust global economy and powerful heating and cooling needs. Natural gas is now the choice of fuel with its most significant increase in the United States and China.

How do solar and wind help each other?

Although there is still speculation about the role of wind and solar to America’s electricity grid, both solar power and wind power can fluctuate in both environment and time of the year.

It’s obvious that solar panels work best when the sun is out. So by default, they cannot generate power at night. Wind turbines can supplement and send electrons when the wind is blowing.

The future of clean energy

Research in global energy demand projections with solar and wind energy is allowing people to learn how to use energy wisely and efficiently. The use of effective products or buying electricity during the off-peak hours. When these changes are implemented in behavior, it will push us closer to a completely clean energy target.

What we can start to prove is that the use of clean energy to power an entire country is achievable.

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