There’s a few interesting nuggets in a new FT column by Ajay Banga, President Biden’s nominee to run the World Bank, Ben writes.

Driving the news: New tech can “help bypass the emissions-heavy pathways of the past,” he writes, noting he recently visited renewables-heavy Kenya.

Between the lines: The column could hint that he’s a sympathetic ear to advocates who want the bank more forcefully against fossil finance.

The intrigue: Banga’s also defending his private sector background, which has caused some heartache on the left, noting the need to mobilize more private capital.

  • Banga writes that his resume — which includes advising a cleantech investment fund — is “exactly what the World Bank needs at this critical moment in time.”

Why it matters: Making climate more central to the bank’s mission is a team Biden goal, and Treasury’s readouts of Banga’s multination “listening tour” have emphasized his engagement on the topic.

Of note: While some activists are wary of Banga, he’s got backing from a suite of high-profile figures in climate circles.

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