My name is Zack and I am the product manager of Sol-Up. I would like to let you know why I personally would choose Sol-Up for my installation. We have a new solar module that’s one of the new, glass-encased, solar modules. It is a frameless module and I have never seen anything like this in the industry right now.

Sol-Up modules are adapted to work in the heat conditions of Las Vegas to produce the maximum amount of power and electricity. We have a 300-watt module that has the capability of producing more than 300 watts and, therefore, all that extra wattage that can be created is actually free wattage. Las Vegas sees the sun 85% of the year, so this is the perfect place to invest in solar power and electricity.

Each Sol-Up panel comes with a 25-year warranty. No other company in the world can guarantee a 25-year warranty on solar modules. I believe for the price that we have, compared to any other competitors here in Las Vegas, we have the best product in the industry right now.

Sol-Up is a local, Las Vegas company founded by Frank Rieger. Mr. Rieger began his business in Germany, the leading power in solar capacity installation, over twenty years ago. He has since moved his knowledge and expertise to the United States and has been here for over five years. Mr. Rieger has a mission to make Las Vegas a solar capital, and to achieve that, Sol-Up believes in honesty, reliability, respect and responsibility when working with clients.

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