Have you had “public notices” from what looks like NV Energy or the County posted on your door? Usually these cleverly worded fliers make it sound like switching to solar is mandatory, or that there are new government incentives that make it either free or extremely cheap for homeowners.

Don’t be fooled by these official looking notices. All of them are private companies or organizations that are either owned by or partner with solar companies to trick consumers into believing they are the only option to get the incentives listed.

Though the language is technically correct, it is very misleading.

canvasing scam by local solar companiesOne flier from the Clark County Solar Initiative, a non-profit company that is not actually run by the county government, partners with 2 solar companies in the area according to their phone operator. The phone number, if researched, is a media group number and the office space listed on their site seems to be a shared space that many companies can simply list as their office space in lieu of purchasing an office for exclusive business use.

The flyer itself states that “NVE and the Federal Government ITC are paying to have solar energy systems installed on qualified homes.” Though this statement is technically true because of the NV Energy rebate and the tax credit on solar installations, they are not footing the bill for homeowners to go solar. NV Energy and the federal government are simply offering incentives to help cover a percentage of the cost.

These flyers are just another deceptive way for solar companies to canvas neighborhoods. Sol-Up does not believe or participate in sales tactics like canvasing or cold calls. Solar is a large, expensive life decision that should be well researched and thought through. Companies should never canvas your neighborhood and pressure you to make a commitment to them without giving you the time to research the company first.

Sol-Up prides itself on our customer service and quality of technology used, if you want a different solar experience contact us for a quote.

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