Vice-President Joe Biden has made people drop their jaws again but not for the reason that many might think. The current Vice-President and potential 2016 presidential candidate is known for his gaffes, but this time at the Solar Power International Trade Show in Anaheim, CA, on September 16, Mr. Biden wowed and wooed audience members similarly to how President Obama did at last month’s National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) who previously had choice words admonishing the sluggish solar industry, Mr. Biden gave praise to the U.S. for how far the country has come since the first inauguration of the Obama Presidency.

While speaking to a crowd of several thousand people at the Anaheim Convention Center, Biden declared that since he and President Obama implemented the Solar Investment Tax Credit in 2008, solar power had increased 20-fold and grown industry jobs to 86% to 174,000. This number is expected to reach 210,000 by the end of 2015. Biden also took his time as the SPI keynote speaker to announce a $120 million competitive grant program to further support solar energy development and use, something that should get Las Vegas solar power enthusiasts excited.

“Just imagine how much more we can do. How many jobs, imagine how many fewer cases of premature death, heart attack, childhood asthma, imagine the net savings to consumers and taxpayers,” Biden exclaimed. “Folks, because of you, we are on the cusp of something huge here.”

The new grant program aims to scale up clean energy production in 24 states across the country while targeting greater access to solar power in rural and low-income neighborhoods and supporting the efforts to reduce the cost of solar power for all.

The event also boasted a Top 500 Solar contractor award and at Sol-Up Las Vegas, we are definitely excited and honored to receive a Top 500 Solar Contractor award! We’re also very excited about the news from Vice-President Joe Biden as it seems like the solar movement is gaining momentum. It logically makes sense to use clean energy, so why not go solar today!

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