The solar industry is constantly adapting and making its way into our everyday lives. From rooftop productions to powering small devices, the use of solar has endless benefits. As the technology used in solar panels increases, more and more people find alternative uses for solar power other than powering our homes and businesses.

Different Ways Solar is Powering the Future

Solar Backpacks

Some companies have installed thin solar panels into the outer layers of backpacks. As you walk around outside, the solar panels capture the sun’s rays and store the current into a small battery pack. The backpacks fitted with USB outlets can be used to charge your smartphones and other small devices as you need. This is perfect for those who regularly hike, giving them the ability to charge their phones or tools in the case of an emergency.

Solar Based Transportation

Many companies have been working on transportation vehicles such as cars and airplanes that can run off 100 percent solar energy. Ford came out with a new concept car, Ford C-Max Solar Energi, that houses rooftop solar panels that will power the vehicle in the same ways as plug-in electric cars work. Recently the use of solar panels on small, lightweight aircrafts has been in production. The solar panels are fitted along the tops of the wings and can store up enough energy to allow the plane to fly through the night.

Solar Camping Gear

Along with the solar backpacks, other devices utilize the power of the sun, allowing for a better experience when camping. Instead of the use of loud, gas-powered generators that can disturb the wildlife and ecosystem of the environment, utilizing solar powered equipment has a much cleaner impact on the area. One company is in the works for a solar powered tent that will allow you to sleep up to four people in one tent as it stores power from the sun throughout the day. From the tent, you will be able to power your cell phones and small electric appliances. This can be a great tool to have during overnight music festivals and camping trips.

Solar Powered Bike Locks

Solar power now can keep you and your possessions safe, through the use of a solar powered bike lock. Skylock has developed a bike lock that can run for a week off of one hour of charging. Owners can unlock the bike via Bluetooth using their smartphones. If someone tampers with the locks, the bike locks also have the ability to alert the owners or authorities in the event of an accident.

The solar industry is evolving and expanding into our everyday lives and continues to grow exponentially. Sol-Up believes that the use of solar to power your houses and businesses are your fundamental rights as Americans and should not be limited to one monopoly, outdated utility. Through the use of battery storage systems, you will be able to power your home with the use of solar, even at night. For more information on how you can begin your journey to solar, visit our website today or call us at 702-586-9800.

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