What is Time of Use?
Ever wonder why Big Power (aka power companies) energy costs fluctuate so much? It is called Time-of-Use. Time-of-Use is an electricity rate schedule that calibrates the price of your electricity based on when you are using it. The cost of energy is higher during the hours of high-
energy usage. In other words, the cost of electricity on the grid goes up at that time.

What You Should Know:

  • Big Power Controls the Pricing 
    If you have not been transitioned over to Time-of-Use yet, you can expect it to come in the very near future. Usually around the hours of 4pm – 9pm would be considered ‘peak’ time and price of electricity will go up. This forces you to run major appliances such as washer and dryers at ‘off-peak’ times if you want to try and save money. Not only does the cost of energy go up during peak hours, but it also fluctuates depending on the season of the year. Time-of-Use rates also vary by region and utility company.
  • Why is Electricity Cheaper at Night?
    During off-peak hours, usually between 10pm and 8am, the price of electricity will go down slightly. This is due to less energy being demanded from the grid.
  • Big Power Claims Time-of-Use is Helpful
    Well, that depends on how you look at it. It’s helpful to Big Power, but restrictive to the consumer. Big Power will tell you that you are helping the environment by concentrating on off-peak hours because it puts less strain on the grid. What is Big Power really saying? Save money on your energy bill by not using energy.

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