Very much like we are doing for solar power in Las Vegas, there are several organizations within developing countries that are pushing for a transition to complete use of solar power and other renewable energies. As of today, it looks like India currently has the biggest effort to become a completely solar powered country, with ABB, the leading power and automation technology group providing $18 million worth of equipment orders to expand India’s current solar panel systems. Although other countries may not be leading the way with solar power the way that India currently seems to be doing, they are definitely worth mentioning as they are at the forefront of becoming completely independent of fossil fuels.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has massive geothermal, hydro, and wind resources that naturally replenish themselves as renewable energy sources do. It may well be on it’s way to becoming the first developing country to have 100% renewable electricity. This year so far, Costa Rica has peaked at 94 consecutive days of 100% renewable electricity performance with a goal to be completely renewable all year round. You would think that everyone would want to see the world depend on solar power and other renewable resources, but it’s companies like NV Energy that would like to stall these implementations from occurring.


This is a country you might not think to see on the list given the country’s dramatic destabilization, but remember, that much like solar power abundant in Las Vegas, Afghanistan too experiences high levels of sunshine. As there is no stable central government, many locals have banded together in order to provide renewable energy resources such as solar farms. The high winds in Afghanistan’s Upland region provides for an opportunity for wind energy production as well.


With more than 20% of Indian households coping without access to electricity, the government has promised an ambitious goal of providing every household with a constant power supply before 2019 (the next national election). The Indian government has promised to offer 175 Gigawatts of renewable energy by the year 2022, of which 100GW would come from solar power alone. The solar industry could create over over 670,000 new clean-energy jobs in India alone.

As you can see, the trend to go solar is not just occurring here in Las Vegas, NV. The implementation of solar panels in lieu of traditional fossil fuels or alternative energies has gained international appeal. It is great to see that not only Las Vegans want to see their Nevada power run on solar panel grids, but the rest of the world wants the same for themselves as well. The movement isn’t over though. If you live in the Nevada and want solar power, give us a call today.

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