With more and more people going solar, you may be thinking about making the switch yourself. Whether it is your neighbor talking about how much they are saving on their energy bill each month, or the fact that you will rest assured knowing you will utilize a clean source of renewable energy, making the switch to solar power is the way to go. Before you plunge in and begin installing solar panels on your roof, here are a few helpful things to consider.

Know the Quality of Your Roof

Solar panels are only effective if the sun is able to shine brightly on them throughout the day. If your roof is shaded in any way, this can cause your panels to be less effective. Sol-Up provides estimates for determining how much sun your rooftop sees throughout the day and how effective your solar panels will be to your home. Many federal incentives require that your home receives a certain percentage of sun before you can obtain any rebates for your system.

If we determine that your roof receives the optimal amount of sun for solar panels, the next thing you will need to consider is the quality of your roof. Sol-Up offers a warranty of 25 years on our solar installations, one of the highest in Las Vegas. If you know that your roof will need some repairs in the next year or so, it is a good idea to have them repaired before installing the solar panels. This can save you the hassle of having to uninstall the solar panels while your roofing is being repaired and then re-installing them once it is finished. Not only will there be a cost to disassemble and reassemble, but you will also be left without the use of solar production for the time of the repair.

Lastly, it is important to know the layout of your yard and the surrounding environments. If there are any trees or foliage in your yard that may not be obstructing your roof today, in the future, there may be trees and shaded structures that can inhibit your solar panels.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

One of the next steps, after we assess your roof, is to determine the size of solar installation you will need. In order to determine the amount of solar energy you will need to produce depends on the amount of energy you use. Start with an energy audit and look to upgrade any appliances or fixtures to be more energy efficient. This will help you get the most use out of your solar installation and prevent you from getting a bigger system then you may need.

It is important to know the policies of your state when it comes to Net Metering and the feed-in system. This will help you determine how quickly you will be able to recoup the cost of your installation. You will also want to check with your HOA about their policies on solar installation for aesthetic purposes.

Know About Your Installer

It is important to do your research and homework about the people you choose to install your systems. You will want to make sure they provide all the proper licenses and have the adequate experience in the industry. You will want an installer that you know will be around for the lifetime of your installation and will be easily accessible.

Sol-Up has been the leading solar installer in the Las Vegas valley and has a mission to make Las Vegas the solar capital of the world. We believe that it is your right as an American to not only utilize clean, renewable energy, but to also be free from any monopoly utility companies. For more information on our new energy storage systems and how you can begin your journey to solar today, visit our website or call us at 702-586-9800.

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