What is the future of solar energy in the world? At the speed our climate and environment are changing, it’s clear we need to make a significant change in the way we consume energy.

Research is showing that solar will dominate in the future. Energy production is the most polluting industry on the planet. It isn’t just causing air pollution, energy production is also costing the planet vital forests and habitats.

The good news is that the future of solar energy is offering a much cleaner, greener option that could easily power the planet with the right infrastructure. The future of Solar energy in the world is also advancing. Technology is rapidly improving and with the right incentives, many more companies could make the switch from coal and gas to this carbon-neutral alternative.

Technology Is Improving at an Exponential Rate

If you aren’t sure what this means, just have a look at the cellphone industry. The introduction of smartphones changed everything from calling habits to the way we shop online and since the first iPhone, our smartphones are getting smaller, with greater computing capabilities and functions. The rate of improvement is exponential.

The same is true for solar panels. The first solar panels were developed to provide enough power for satellites orbiting the planet in the 1960s. The big draw of the solar panels was that they were light, sustainable and easy to install.

All of these benefits still apply but now the technology has been improved to boost the amount of power produced and how the electricity can be stored.

Oil and Gas Are Running Out

Fossil fuels are not only bad for the environment, but they are also unsustainable. Efforts to find more and more sources of oil and coal are leading to the destruction of forest and land, as well as more risky explorations in deep sea mining.

Denying that this fuel type is running out will get us nowhere, and solar power (as well as other renewable sources like hydropower and geothermal) should be viewed as an answer.

In the next decade, we should be investing far more into fuels that are guaranteed not to run out. This is just sensible, never mind all the climate concerns!

People Are Much More Concerned about the Climate

The impact of energy production is having a global effect on the climate but as the changes become more apparent with flash floods, crazy weather events and rising temperatures, more and more people are becoming concerned. People are now taking much more interest in how their energy is produced, energy suppliers must keep up with the demand for clean energy.

In recent years, the value of solar energy shares has gone up substantially and if the value were to continue to increase, this would drive the market. At the moment, many people are more willing to pay a little more for clean energy than energy produced with unsustainable methods.

This is a good indicator for the market and shows that individuals with ethical concerns can change the market.

Dominate with Solar Energy and Sol-Up

Getting on board with solar power is easier than you might think. You can switch to a renewable energy provider or contact Sol-Up today to learn how to install solar panels Las Vegas on your house to produce your own energy. Solar is the future, whether you join in now or later.

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