Solar energy in Las Vegas has seen an increase over the years, meaning Las Vegas residents see the need for clean energy. Since Las Vegas is the fourth sunniest city in the United States, seeing the sunshine 85 percent of the year, the valley is the perfect environment for the use of solar power. The recent growth in solar power has caused the cap of net metering to be reached four months early. This caused the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) to discuss and unanimously vote to extend the net metering incentive until the end of the 2015 year, despite NV Energy pushing for a new rate that would have hindered the future of clean energy in Nevada.

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada now faces a decision that will be made on November 18, 2015, on the future of solar power in Nevada. This decision will affect every aspect of the solar industry and how Nevada chooses to proceed with clean, renewable energy.

Currently, the solar industry in Nevada employs over 6,000 jobs. With unemployment rates currently over six percent, a decision that will eliminate a vast amount of jobs could be detrimental to the economics of this city, a city that saw a massive hit during the 2008 recession.

A decision of the PUCN in favor of NV Energy could mean a rate increase for those who own solar installations. NV Energy proposed a time-of-use rate that would include a service charge, demand charge, and an energy charge that would reflect the cost of providing standby service. This decision would essentially eliminate all motivations to go solar in Las Vegas.

Solar panels allow people to effectively lower the cost of utilities each month. This would allow low-income families the opportunity to save money to be used in other needs. Sol-Up is dedicated to helping people cut the costs on electricity as well as servicing the environment with the use of clean energy forms through solar. We have a mission to make the city of Las Vegas the solar capital of the world.

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