Installing a solar system for your business has many benefits, including cutting your electricity bill. However solar energy systems can do so much more for your business. Business owners all over the US are experiencing the climate benefits of solar energy for their commercial buildings every day. Clean energy can not only save you money but improve your company in new and exciting ways!

Climate Benefits of Solar Energy for Commercial Buildings

The sun is all you need to power your business with solar panels. Without using fossil fuels to get energy, your commercial building can help combat the greenhouse effect and keep pollution down. When your business is contributing to finding better alternatives to finite resources, you’re demonstrating how you think ahead. Good business planning is a feature most clients and investors appreciate!

Commitment to community

Using commercial solar panels also contributes to improving the health of your potential clients. Most fossil fuel power facilities contribute to polluting the air and water in your local area over time. Being a business which works towards clean energy makes an impact on the community. In turn, this act of kindness will not be forgotten by your community.

Here in the Las Vegas valley solar energy also helps save water. During heat waves or droughts, our power plants use water to cool the facilities. Solar power does not need water in order to produce power. If your business is saving the Las Vegas water supply, that can make a big impact on your community.

If your business saves on energy costs with solar, you will also be employing more people into the solar industry. Forward-thinking companies in the US who contribute to the solar industry are seeing themselves in a very positive light.

All in all, solar energy can not only save your money but boost your reputation in the community. This can lead to people contributing more to your business because they see how responsible you. Employees that are proud to work for your business, worker harder and bring in more money. Clients with company pride will take advantage of your services more often, which means they are spending more money.

Media Attention

Just recently Robert Downey Jr. made headlines yet again announcing Footprint Coalition and no one can stop talking about it! Leonardo Dicaprio has his own foundation dedicated to helping save the world from climate change issues. Even Bill Gates is pushing to learn more about renewable energy to help save the environment.

Climate change is a hot topic word and with good reason. However, it’s also one that is likely to grab the attention of the media because of how popular it is. Being on the forefront of technology and environmental issues can really get your name out there. Free marketing is never a bad thing!

Government and Energy Programs

The United States is of the world leaders in renewable energy. To keep up with this trend, the US continues to give homeowners and business owners tax cuts. In 2015 a program to give tax cuts for installing solar panels was extended another 5 years. Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows for 30 percent of a solar system installed to be claimed on your federal taxes. There are many other federal tax credit options out there, so do your research!

Another benefit of going green is the ambitious goal of getting LEED certified. Studies have shown that businesses with LEED Certification have improved recruitment and retention of employees. LEED also allows businesses to get connected with other businesses involved in the LEED program. And last but not least, LEED provided incentives for teams which continue towards environmentally friendly business options.

Other Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Business

Solar is not only smart for the environment, but it’s also smart for your business’s energy bill. The average commercial property owner in 2018 spends about $1950 monthly on their electrical operating costs. After solar is installed utility rates went down almost 75% —all from going solar!

Storing Extra Energy

While your business collects Nevada’s beautiful golden rays during the day, it uses the energy it creates in the evening. However, solar panels can save up a lot of energy and you may not be able to use it all. This is when net metering coming into play. Net metering allows a business which owns solar panels to sell energy back to the utility company.

Net metering in Nevada over the years has changed it’s rates pretty frequently. However, Nevada still allows such power purchasing agreements between business and provider. The rates are just a bit lower than they have been in the past.

Return on investment

Solar panels are low on maintenance and high on reliability, making cash flow much easier to track on your utility budget. Sol-up offers great financing options for its installation as well, allowing your business to pay off installation over time. Saving on utility bills, gaining free PR, and getting tax returns, are all great steps that will help your investment pay for itself.

Get Green with Sol-Up

Sol-Up has been serving the highest quality commercial solar in Las Vegas. We’d love to connect your company to a solar power system. Take advantage of the climate benefits solar energy can do for your commercial building! Contact us today.

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