A solar panel is a device that converts the sun’s rays into electricity. Inside of the panels are solar cells; these cells are made out of silicon wafers. Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It is a very hard and crystalline solid. Hardly do we see a cloudy day in Las Vegas, by utilizing the sun’s rays we can create renewable energy through solar panels.

How do Solar Panels Work?

The science behind solar panels is simple; they allow photons/particles of light to come through and knock electrons free from atoms. This generates a flow of electricity that can be stored and used to create energy. Solar panels also have smaller units called photovoltaic cells – many cells linked together to create one board. A photovoltaic cell converts sunlight into energy.


What is a Solar Farm?

Solar farms, referred to as solar parks, are large scale solar installations. They typically run as power plants pretty similar to natural gas power plants. Unlike residential solar panels, solar farms install their solar panels into the ground across large areas of land. The panels absorb sun all day and focus the energy on a receiver filled with molten salt. When the salt reaches 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it stores the energy as heat so it will be ready when needed. The heat will turn water into steam when a grid needs power.

The Benefits of a Solar Farm

Solar farms produce safe and locally produced energy. They come with several benefits that might turn you on to buying your solar panels.

  • The land where solar farms are constructed can provide a better habitat for animals and plants. More times than not, the area around a solar farm is grass, and it is safe for the local wildlife to graze between the rows of panels.
  • Solar farms have a high return on investment. You can save on your electricity bill, and maintenance costs are low.
  • Solar panels have no moving parts, the parts they do have are installed inside of sound-proof boxes. Noise is hardly an issue at solar farms.
  • They reduce carbon emissions. Solar farms create clean energy that doesn’t harm the environment.

Installing solar systems creates solar energy that is clean, renewable, and easy on your wallet and the environment! Scientists predict that solar power will soon contribute to almost a quarter of the world’s energy.


Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project

Crescent Dunes sits in the middle of the Las Vegas desert and houses more than 10,000 mirrors that are the size of a small house! The panels track the sun all day and focus that energy on a receiver that will then turn it into heat. When the grid needs power, the heat will turn into steam, which powers the generators into making energy. This solar panel even provides power at night.

Nevada’s utilities peak at midnight; they have a noon to midnight structure, so standard solar panels wouldn’t cut it. This is why Nevada benefits off of a solar farm, the panels are more substantial and produce more energy even when the sun isn’t shining.

Crescent Dunes is the first utility-scale solar farm in the world that includes built-in storage. Building a solar farm costs less than constructing a new coal or nuclear plant.


Go Green, Own Solar Panels!

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