The sun has an incredible way of letting the world know the energy it contains through the light it produces or the reddening effects of a sunburn. In the recent years, solar energy has become a popular method of obtaining electricity. Las Vegas is a perfect area to utilize the full effects of solar energy.

We’re sure many people have begun to notice the popularity of solar panels on neighboring houses or businesses. Perhaps you have even taken the smart step to solar energy yourself. The function of solar panels is clear – they convert sunlight into electricity that can be used to power homes, but not many people know how this process of conversion is done.

The process of converting sunlight into electricity at an atomic level is known as photovoltaics. Light hits the solar panel cell and photons are absorbed from the light and electrons are released. The free electrons are captured into an electric current also known as electricity.

Solar cells are made from semiconductor materials, typically silicon. The solar panel cells are treated to form an electrical field having a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the other. As light strikes the cell, electrons are knocked off the semiconductor silicon material. Electrical conductors are attached to both the positive and negative sides of the solar panel cell, collecting the electrons and channeling them into an electric current.

The amount of current produced is directly dependent on the amount of light that strikes the solar panels. Multiple solar modules are wired together to form an array. The bigger the surface area that the sunlight has to target the greater amount of electricity can be produced.

Solar panels are faced south or placed on a track to follow the sunlight’s path and are placed in a flat-plate design to be most effective. To learn more about the benefits of going fully solar and to receive a free energy consultation, contact us today!

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