Renewable energy sources are a hot topic in the world today. With global warming and the dangers of fossil fuels, we need to teach kids about solar energy and the importance of renewable energy and the benefits of how it will protect the world for their future and ours. Solar energy specifically, is one of the most well known and readily available energy sources for ones home. Teaching kids about solar energy are going to play a massive part in our future and can even inspire the next generation to invent new sources of renewable energy and technology that can support us in a cleaner world.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is electromagnetic energy also known as solar radiation, transmits to the earth by the sun. Solar energy is the most available natural energy resource on the planet. With a range of ever-evolving technologies, there is harnessing of this amazing energy source. Some of those technologies include solar heating, solar thermal energy, and solar architecture.

Solar energy is fascinating and should be taught to everyone, even kids! Children should be learning about the benefits of renewable energy early in life so that they can benefit from it later in their own lives.

Solar Energy for Kids

There are so many ways to teach our kids about solar energy. Take some time to sit down with your children and create some fun projects (maybe even consider doing one of these as a science fair project). You can create things like DIY solar toys including solar robots, and solar cars and boats. There are plenty of DIY videos online that can provide you with everything you need to get these fully functioning.

Solar panels are everywhere

Solar panels are everywhere we go. Most people don’t even notice how much we are already utilizing this great form of energy. From the giant traffic signs that flash warnings about traffic jams to the tops of our houses and boats that we cruise across the lake.

Next time you go for a drive keep an eye out for those big panels and see how many you can find in your city and test your children to see how many they can find along the way.

Fun Solar Facts For Kids

The best way to teach your kids about something so serious is to make it fun! So let’s talk about some interesting solar facts for the whole family!

  1. If every passenger vehicle in the U.S.A were lined up bumper to bumper, they would stretch from the surface of the earth to the moon and back again! These vehicles consume enough fuel each year to fill a pool as large as a football field that goes 40 miles deep into the earth.
  2. Did you know that solar panels don’t need to be in direct sunlight to be functional?
  3. If the entire earth were powered with solar energy, solar panels would be installed on over 191,000 square miles. There are over 57 million square miles of land on this planet; we have more than enough space to spare.

There is so much to learn about solar energy and how it can benefit us so make sure to take the time to learn the basics so that you can make informed decisions in your own life and for your community.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about solar energy and why it’s so important to teach kids about solar energy, then Sol-Up is the place for you. Sol-Up was proudly founded seven years ago in Las Vegas and can you provide you with all of your solar needs. Contact us today for more information.

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