As a leader among Reno solar companies, Sol-Up Reno is on a mission to transform the energy landscape not only in Reno but across Nevada. Servicing diverse regions such as Wellington, Gardnerville, Sun Valley, Winnemucca, Sparks, Battle Mountain, Fallon, Dayton, and Smith Valley, our passion and commitment to providing robust and sustainable energy solutions are unparalleled. One of the many ways we achieve these goals is our pivotal partnership with SolarEdge.

Strengthening Our Services: The SolarEdge Partnership

At the heart of our evolution and growth is the pivotal partnership with SolarEdge, a renowned global leader in the solar energy industry. This partnership aims to further elevate the efficiency, affordability, and reliability of solar energy installations for our clients throughout Nevada.

Why the SolarEdge Partnership Matters

Partnering with SolarEdge allows Sol-Up Reno, one of the top solar installers in Reno, to deliver cutting-edge technology to our customers. SolarEdge’s innovative solar inverters and power optimizers are designed to yield more solar power from any PV system. This enhanced efficiency translates to even more significant energy savings for you, the homeowner, or the business owner.

The SolarEdge technology also provides unprecedented safety measures and easy maintenance. With its SafeDCTM mechanism, the PV system’s voltage automatically drops in case of a fault or during system maintenance, ensuring your safety and that of our installers.

Broadening Our Horizons With SolarEdge: Servicing Greater Nevada

Through our partnership with SolarEdge, Sol-Up Reno is empowered to broaden our service horizons to various regions in Nevada. From the sun-soaked valleys of Wellington to the busy streets of Sparks and the quiet retreats of Smith Valley, we are well-positioned to meet and exceed Nevada’s solar energy needs.

As one of the premier solar companies in Reno and surrounding areas, we are passionate about ensuring that every household and business establishment in Nevada has access to cost-effective and environmentally friendly solar power.


Sol-Up Reno’s partnership with SolarEdge underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers, bolstering our reputation as the go-to solar installer in Reno and across Nevada. By tapping into SolarEdge’s industry-leading technology, we are helping to shape a sustainable future where solar power is accessible, affordable, and efficient for everyone.

When it comes to pioneering solar solutions, no other Reno solar companies do it quite like Sol-Up Reno. Embrace the power of the sun with us today and join the solar revolution!

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