The solar industry is a relatively new field of study but has been one of rapid growth over the past years. As the demand for solar grows and the realization that solar is now an efficient source of power, many people are investing in solar, not only in the production of solar panels and arrays but looking into enhancing them. One Silicon Valley startup company has produced the world’s first transparent solar cell that could greatly enhance the reach of solar production.

One minor drawback to the use of traditional solar panels is the finite amount of space your home or business contains to house the solar arrays. Through the use of transparent solar cells, the amount of surfaces that can be used to generate electricity increase exponentially.

Ubiquitous Energy produces solar cells that allow light to pass through and still generate electricity. The invisible film is placed on any surface and harnesses the power of the sun to generate electricity. Through the use of photoactive materials, they produce a film that selects the type of light to capture and produce electricity.

The film on the transparent solar cells allows visible light to pass through and instead captures ultraviolet lights and near infrared light. The transparent solar cells are then able to generate electricity through the UV and near infrared lens without utilizing the visible light. Because the solar cells are not utilizing the energy of the visible light, the transparent solar panels are not able to generate the same amount of electricity as traditional, opaque solar panels. On a small scale, producing ten percent less electricity than traditional solar panels may not seem appealing, but the importance is seen when you look at the big picture use of transparent solar cells.

The benefits of the transparent solar cells are the vast amount of surfaces areas that can be utilized with this new technology. Smartphone screens will be able to contain the transparent solar cells allowing for the phone to be powered by solar energy, increasing the life of the battery. On a larger scale, the transparent solar cells could be placed on the large windows of skyscrapers. As the sun shines on these massive buildings, the windows will generate enough electricity to power the needs of the entire facility. The true benefits of transparent solar panels are the unlimited potential of surface areas.

Sol-Up believes that you, as an American, have the right to generate your electricity from a clean energy source such as the sun and should not have to rely on monopoly utility companies. Through the use of our solar panels and energy storage systems that we provide, you will be able to achieve solar autonomy and break away from the grid. To learn more about how Sol-Up can help you gain the power of the sun, visit our website or call us at 702-586-9800.

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