It’s the future and solar-powered inventions are taking over! Not only are they creative and clever, they’re also efficient! Some inventions are helpful, some are purely decorative and others are still being developed. No matter the purpose these inventions are powerfully insane!



Solar-Powered Keyboard

Does your desk have the best view in the office because it’s next to the window? If you are located next to the window we have just the gadget for you!

The solar-powered keyboard is made by Logitech and is wireless. It has the same layout as your Mac keyboard, so there’s no need to learn where all the keys are. The keyboard is able to charge itself with sunlight and even lamplight.

To get started, plug the receiver into your USB port, no software needed. The receiver is compact and unifying – which means you can add a wireless mouse! On a full charge, this keyboard will work for up to three months, even if you’re a night owl and work in the dark.

This keyboard minimizes your eco-footprint! It comes in a completely recyclable box and is constructed without the use of PVC!


Solar Powered Camera Strap

If you are a photographer or someone who just loves taking pictures, this solar-powered invention is for you! You’ll never have to worry about charging your batteries again.

Even though the solar-powered camera strap is still under development, it is still highly requested by camera users. The strip of solar panels in the strap makes it easy to attract sunlight when worn around your neck. Since it is impossible to charge your camera while the batteries are inside, this strap will keep your camera charged all day!


Solar Powered Video Security Lights

Want to protect your home? Well, now you can with these solar-powered video security lights! They wirelessly transmit video to any television. You can install these lights anywhere without hardwiring the cameras.

The camera captures 480 by 272 color video at 25 frames per second. Once the area has been breached, the lights instantly illuminate and start video surveillance. You can put the lights on a timer for a little as five seconds and as long as three minutes after motion has been detected.

On a two day charge, these security lights will provide up to 14 hours of video and lighting. Don’t let your home go unprotected!


Solar Powered Backpack

Are you always on the go? Always super busy? Forget to charge your laptop or phone? Not a problem! The solar-powered backpack will charge not only your laptop but your phone. It has enough room to store a laptop that measures up to 15.6 inches.

It simply works by being exposed to sunlight. While you’re walking to work, you can also charge your electronics! It has an output of 4.5 watts and can handle different electronic devices, but favors apple products.

The backpack itself only weighs about 2 pounds and is made from recycled PET fabric, so it is a green product! The backpack has many pockets and zippers so you can stay organized!


Solar Powered Generators

Solar-powered generators are eco-friendly so they’re a great replacement for gas-powered models. They don’t exhaust any harmful fumes and are silent. Energy generators have no moving parts so they’re easy to maintain.

Solar-powered generators can power all the same devices that gas generators power. These generators are also great for camping because they have direct currents. Not sunny enough? These generators can be charged by residential wind turbines or by connecting to a stand AC wall socket.

Since the solar-powered generator is so flexible in charging, you will always have a backup electricity and power source if you ever need it!


Solar Powered Dog House

You don’t have to worry about your furry friend suffering from the hot Las Vegas heat ever again! With the solar-powered dog house, your pet will be able to enjoy a nice cool spot during the summer.

The solar panel is attached to the top of any dog house and the dog will be cooled with a solar-powered fan. This fan has the capability to replace the entire space air up to five times per minute. The fan has a quiet ball bearing so it won’t wake up your sleeping pup!

Let your pet live in luxury and get them a solar-powered dog house!


Solar Powered Blinds

No, these won’t ruin the clean look of your blinds. Take your standard blinds and just add thin solar panels on them! While your blinds are open and absorbing all the sun during the day, at night your blinds will convert into a light source.

The solar panels on the blinds absorb the sunlight during the day and at night can be closed to create a lighting source right from your window!

Vincent Gerkens came up with the clever design and calls them ‘blights.’ This solar-powered invention can save you money on your electric bill!


Solar Powered Patio Table

This table lets you enjoy the use of your electronics outdoors! The solar-powered patio table looks like blown glass, but is actually a 30-watt solar panel! The side of the table comes with two USB ports, two 12 volt auto DC ports and two 9 volt DC ports. The 12 and 9-volt ports can power low wattage devices such as fans and laptops.

The patio table has the power to charge a phone in about 3 and a half hours. The outlets are protected by a cover and a color LED lets you know your power level. The table is also waterproof!

Join the Trend!

Solar-powered inventions are becoming more and more popular and they’re also extremely awesome. If you’re looking to improve your carbon footprint and switch to solar energy, start at Sol-Up. We are committed to making the west coast the solar power capital of the world! For more information on solar panels and clean energy, Contact us today!

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