With the GOP and Democratic debates going on, there is no surprise that many issues are being brought up for discussion. One topic, however, seems to be placed on the backburner of many debates and that is the issue of renewable energy.

Solar energy has seen a rapid growth across the country and solar panels are becoming a primary source of energy. In 2014 alone, nearly 645,000 U.S. homes and business have gone fully solar. The popularization and interest in solar energy across the nation should be reflected by the political candidates and elected officials placed in charge to lead this country.

Las Vegas is the third sunniest city in the United States seeing the sunshine 85% of the year. Nevada energy has been a topic of interest for many years and has seen a sharp increase in the use of solar panels as a viable source of energy.

The Democratic debate was held in the city of Las Vegas on October 13, and one issue brought up was climate change. The leading candidates that spoke on the use of renewable energy such as solar power were Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders. While the issue of climate change was a topic of concern in the Democratic debate, it was only addressed for a few minutes in the three-hour long Republican debate.

The use of solar energy and technologies such as solar paneling needs to be a staple in any political candidates stance. When political candidates talk about issues, it can have a grand effect on the voters and can invoke a positive change. Sol-Up has been a front-runner in Nevada energy. Contact us today for a free energy consultation.

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