Harnessing the power of the sun to create clean, reliable energy is more than a trend—it’s an essential part of our future. For over a decade, Sol-Up has been at the forefront of the solar energy revolution, leading the charge in Nevada. Sol-Up’s commitment to high-quality products and excellent service is elevated by strategic partnerships with some of the world’s top renewable energy manufacturers and service providers.

Sol-Up and Meyer Burger: The Premier Solar Technology Partnership

Meyer Burger, the Swiss solar equipment leader, has a reputation for high-performance solar technology. Partnering with Meyer Burger allows Sol-Up to bring cutting-edge photovoltaic technology to Nevada homes and businesses. From manufacturing advanced solar cells to complete solar panels, this partnership ensures our customers have access to the best solar solutions on the market.

Harnessing Smart Energy with Span Smart Panels

With Span Smart Panels, Sol-Up takes a giant leap toward futuristic smart homes. These panels are designed to revolutionize home energy management with custom controls and real-time monitoring. Together, Sol-Up and Span make it easy to manage solar energy production, storage, and use—allowing Nevada homeowners to maximize their solar benefits.

Empowering Energy Storage with Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall, a household name in renewable energy storage, has transformed the way we store and use solar power. This partnership brings reliable, round-the-clock solar power to Nevada, regardless of weather conditions. By integrating Tesla Powerwall with Sol-Up’s solar systems, we create a renewable energy solution that works seamlessly day and night.

Perfecting Power Optimization with SolarEdge

SolarEdge, an industry leader in smart energy technology, provides power optimizers, inverters, and monitoring platforms. By partnering with SolarEdge, Sol-Up ensures that every watt produced by your solar panels is effectively utilized, giving you the best return on your solar investment.

Facilitating Green Transportation with WallBox EV Chargers

In the era of electric vehicles, home charging is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Sol-Up, in collaboration with WallBox EV Chargers, empowers Nevada residents to embrace electric vehicles. This partnership ensures convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly EV charging solutions.

Upgrading Energy Efficiency with ProVia Windows & Doors

While renewable energy production is crucial, so is energy conservation. ProVia Windows & Doors is renowned for their superior energy-efficient products. Through this partnership, Sol-Up brings Nevada the perfect complement to solar energy systems—high-quality, energy-saving windows and doors.

Servicing Nevada’s Diverse Communities

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the serene landscapes of Elko, Sol-Up provides comprehensive renewable energy solutions across the state of Nevada. We are committed to making solar energy accessible and affordable, irrespective of location or community.

Our strategic partnerships, combined with a dedicated, skilled team, enable us to service multiple areas throughout Nevada. Sol-Up provides not only installation services but also continuous maintenance and support to ensure your solar systems perform optimally.

The Future is Bright with Sol-Up

Through world-class partnerships, Sol-Up is leading Nevada’s transition toward a sustainable future. We offer top-tier solar energy solutions, contributing to a greener, cleaner, and more prosperous Nevada. For those seeking to switch to solar, remember – the future is bright with Sol-Up!

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