Sol-Up is driving Nevada’s energy future by delivering seamless solar energy solutions, including facilitating SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) and PEC (Portfolio Energy Credits) applications for our customers. As a key player in the Nevada solar power scene, our mission is to make the switch to clean, renewable energy as easy as possible, helping you tap into the financial incentives that come along with it.

In Nevada, when you generate solar power, you’re not just benefiting the environment and cutting down your electricity bills. You can also generate SRECs and PECs, tradable commodities that provide a valuable source of revenue for solar energy producers. However, understanding and navigating the application process for these energy credits can be complex and time-consuming. At Sol-Up, we have simplified this process, providing our customers with a full-service solution that takes the hassle out of solar.

Your One-Stop Solution for SREC/PEC Applications

Our team of experts at Sol-Up guides you through every step of the SREC and PEC application process. We take care of the paperwork, ensuring all information is accurately and timely submitted, so you can enjoy the benefits without the administrative burden. We are committed to making solar energy accessible, profitable, and stress-free.

Serving Multiple Areas Throughout Nevada

As a leading Nevada solar power provider, we service multiple areas throughout the state. From the buzzing heart of Las Vegas to the serene landscapes of Reno, and the thriving communities of Henderson and Sparks, we are powering homes and businesses with the Nevada sun.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to switch to solar energy, or a business aiming to meet sustainability goals, Sol-Up provides the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to make your transition seamless and rewarding.

Join the Solar Energy Movement with Sol-Up

At Sol-Up, we believe in the power of solar energy to transform our world. And with our SREC/PEC application services, you can benefit financially while contributing to a sustainable future. Join us as we illuminate the state of Nevada with clean, renewable solar energy.

In the words of one satisfied customer, “Switching to solar energy with Sol-Up was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only am I saving money on my energy bills, but the process of applying for SRECs and PECs was handled so efficiently, it was practically effortless.”

Explore the possibilities of solar energy with Sol-Up, your trusted partner for solar power in Nevada. Feel the power of the sun and help us brighten our future. Together, we can power Nevada, one solar panel at a time.

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