There are plenty of reasons to get solar any time of the year, but we think these images capture the true joy of purchasing solar and knowing you’ve made a smart financial investment, especially during this holiday season!

1. Because when you install in the winter time you generate more energy than you use and you save up credits to use in the summer! It’s like a savings account for your high summer bills!

2. Because right now NV Energy will just give you money if you install solar! That’s right – NV Energy is offering a substantial rebate ($1,000 to $3,000 on average!) for people who are installing solar. It’s best to act now as the rebate will be decreasing as more people sign up for the program!

3. Because everyone is finally getting it… More installations have been taking place in Las Vegas in 2014 than in all years prior to 2014 combined! That’s right – Everyone is installing and not just because it’s good for the environment. Because it’s good for your bottom line! Solar reduces your monthly costs and pays for itself in 6-8 years! You can’t even invest in the stock market and get that kind of return on your investment!

4. When you sell your home faster and at a higher value you’ll thank yourself!

5. Because you can get 30% back in the form of a tax credit! That’s right, the IRS wants you to know that you can owe less taxes at the end of the year IF you get solar! Tax credits are usually between $7,000 and $10,000 depending on the size of your system!

6. Because it’s always sunny in Las Vegas – even on Christmas!

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