When it comes to the use of solar power and the protection of its customers, Senator Harry Reid has your back. Senator Reid spoke on the senate floor last week to address a measure that he and Senator Angus, King of Maine, propose in order to protect solar customers from the greedy utility companies. In his speech, Senator Reid touches on the history of the electricity grid and the need to update technology and the use of renewable energy sources such as solar.

Senator Reid opened up his speech with a little history of the invention of the first electricity grid and its development over the years. Thomas Edison first invented the electricity grid in 1882, and four years later, George Westinghouse improved on Edison’s design to create a grid that is similar to what we use today. The technology and design for the grid we use today is over 130 years old and can be seen as outdated and needing of an update.

Big utility companies never felt the pressure to update the system to make it more cost efficient to all customers who utilize the electricity grid. As solar installations increased more and more, a competition was presented to the utility companies, companies who have utilized the same methods for 130 years.

In response to the growing solar energy boom in America, many utilities have been fighting to eliminate the use of renewable energy by lobbying to increase prices and reduce the effectiveness of net metering. The Koch brothers continue to push anti-competitive measures, costing many families money and taking away their opportunity to generate solar electricity at home.

In response to these actions, Senator Reid and King continue to work on Amendment 3120. This amendment would protect residential solar energy customers from abusive rate hikes that will ensure complete control from the utilities. Senator Reid concluded with a call to action for his fellow colleagues. He urges them to follow his example and stand up for the rights of the consumers and support American’s choice to utilize clean energy on their homes.

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