Every home is unique, and so should its solar energy solution. Sol-Up Reno recognizes this uniqueness and designs custom solar energy systems that are a perfect fit for every individual home. By analyzing your home, power bill, consumption, and trends using Satellite Imagery, Sol-Up Reno goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and ensures every customer gets a tailored solar solution to meet their specific energy needs.

Why a Customized Quote Matters?

An accurate quote ensures that your solar panels generate just the right amount of power to offset your energy consumption, helping you avoid overspending or underspending on your solar project. It also takes into account potential obstacles that could affect solar production, such as trees or structures that may cast shadows.

Precision with Satellite Imagery

In the pursuit of absolute accuracy, Sol-Up Reno utilizes advanced satellite imagery technology. This gives us the ability to conduct a virtual ‘rooftop survey’, where we assess the exact dimensions, pitch, and orientation of your roof. This method not only reduces the need for an on-site visit but also increases the accuracy of our quotes.

The outcome is a precise visual layout of your future solar setup. The layout will show you exactly where your solar panels will be placed and the expected power generation from each panel. With Sol-Up Reno, you can see the future of your home’s energy, today.

Production Guarantee

What’s more? We offer a production guarantee on all our solar installations. We stand behind our quotes, assuring you that the energy production we project is accurate. If the actual output falls short of our projection, we make it right. That’s the Sol-Up Reno promise.

Serving the Heart of Nevada

Our goal is to make Nevada greener, one home at a time. We proudly serve homes across Reno, Wellington, Gardnerville, Sun Valley, Winnemucca, Sparks, Battle Mountain, Fallon, Dayton, and Smith Valley.

Wherever you are in Nevada, Sol-Up Reno is committed to providing you with an energy-efficient future. Our team of experts will analyze your power consumption trends and develop a customized solar quote to meet your energy needs.

If you’re ready to join the green energy revolution, it’s time to consider Sol-Up Reno for your solar solutions. Contact us today for your custom solar quote, and take a step towards a sustainable future.

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