You, as an American, have the right to pursue other forms of energy generation systems and should not be limited to utilizing one, outdated source. Solar allows you to use the power of the Sun, a renewable source of energy, that shines brightly throughout the Las Vegas valley over 85 percent of the year. Even with the use of solar, there raises the question about where to get your energy during the night time.

Sol-Up now offers technology that will allow you to store the energy gained from the sun to help offset your consumption during the times when the sun is no longer in the skies or when your consumption is at its highest. This allows you to gain your freedom and turn your house or business into a clean and renewable energy user.

Sol-Up has been paving the way into new technology that deals much more than just generating electricity. We have taken it beyond to offer solar power systems with improved efficiency on our customers rooftops. As well as offering battery storage systems that will allow our customers to power their house at night with solar energy that has been stored up. In the case you own an electric vehicle, you can now power your means of transportation through the use of solar energy.

By utilizing a battery storage system, you will no longer be entirely confined to the grid systems provided by large utility companies. This allows you the freedom to power your house or business through clean, renewable energy that is not only great for the environment, but also saves you money each month.

If you have any questions or would like learn more about the future of solar and how you can begin your journey to solar freedom today, visit our website or call us at 702-586-9800.

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