In Reno, Nevada, our primary objective at Sol-Up is to revolutionize Solar Panel Installation, providing an eco-friendly pathway to liberate yourself from the clutches of Big Power (utilities). Look no further for a sustainable solution that combines cost savings with top-tier quality: the Meyer Burger solar energy system and Tesla battery backup and energy storage.Amidst the unpredictability of energy prices, solar energy emerges as the perfect choice for those seeking lasting savings and unshakable control over their energy expenses. It’s time to trim your carbon footprint and seize your energy independence today.


Absolutely, we are all about Solar Panels in Reno, Nevada! This is a substantial investment that deserves your utmost attention. Solar systems offer an array of incredible advantages for both homeowners and businesses, but their true potential can only be harnessed when they are meticulously configured and expertly installed.Solar Panels in Reno, Nevada isn’t just about cutting your electricity costs; it’s also about elevating the value of your property to new heights. Thanks to our esteemed partnership with Pearl Certification, the impact on your property’s value is substantial.Our comprehensive, full-service approach empowers you to bundle and maximize your savings. Whether you’re interested in top-tier Meyer Burger solar panels, cutting-edge Tesla battery storage, efficient HVAC systems, or high-quality ProVia windows and doors, rest assured that we’ve got you covered in Reno, Nevada!


Many people assume that it takes a lot of effort to switch to solar power, but this simply isn’t the case with Sol-Up. We are proud to oversee each project from conception to completion. We take care of every aspect of the installation process whether in Reno or Las Vegas so you can sit back, relax, and start enjoying the savings of energy independence. Whether in Reno or Las Vegas, at Sol-Up

  • Introduce our Energy Consultant
  • Engineer your system
  • Submit system permits
  • Install your system
  • Inspect your system
  • Activate your system


When considering solar panel installation in sunny Reno, Nevada, meticulous documentation is paramount. At Sol-Up, we specialize in providing comprehensive application and form services tailored specifically to the Reno area, focusing on making your transition to solar power hassle-free. Here’s a glimpse into the vital steps we meticulously complete to set up your solar panels in Reno:

Rebate Optimization: We diligently search for any available rebates to help you maximize savings.

Seamless Net Metering: Our experts handle the submission of your Net Metering Application to your energy provider, ensuring compliance with safety and renewable energy guidelines.

Credit Management: We take charge of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) and Portfolio Energy Credit (PEC) applications, ensuring you receive all eligible benefits.

HOA Support: Many Reno Homeowner Associations require architectural applications before solar installation. We streamline this process, accelerating your journey and reducing stress.

When it comes to solar panels in Reno, Sol-Up is your trusted partner. We handle the paperwork and monitoring, ensuring you harness abundant solar energy in this beautiful Nevada city efficiently.

Solar Installation in Las Vegas Nevada, Solar Panels Reno Nevada, Solar Panels California


In Reno, Nevada, our firm commitment at Sol-Up is to empower homeowners and businesses with the opportunity for Solar System and Solar Panels installation, fostering energy independence. To achieve this goal, we proudly provide a range of tailored financing options. dd

  • $0 Down OAC
  • 0% Financing OAC
  • 25 Year Terms Available
  • Bundle and save. Sol-Up is a full-service provider of energy efficiency with windows & doors, solar-plus-battery, and HVAC.
  • We have many lenders that accept almost all credit profiles, call or a free evaluation today.
Solar Installation in Las Vegas Nevada, Solar Panels Reno Nevada, Solar Panels California


In Reno, Nevada, Sol-Up is unwavering in our commitment to delivering top-notch service, and the most effective way to achieve this is through a well-established Solar Panel installation process.

Our team of Sol-Up installers all possess OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certifications and PV licenses. Beyond our dedication, it’s also a legal requirement designed to safeguard both consumers and installers alike.

What sets Sol-Up apart is our status as one of the few end-to-end Solar Panel installers. What does this mean for you? It signifies that every aspect of your Solar Panel System installation in Reno, Nevada, is meticulously managed by a Sol-Up employee, without reliance on third-party entities such as engineering, sales, or installation teams. This internal cohesion becomes especially crucial when you need us most.

Rest assured, our accomplished team boasts extensive experience in Installing Solar Panels in Reno, Nevada, and each project is spearheaded by NABCEP Certified installation professionals. Your home or business is firmly in the safest hands possible.

With our Solar Panel installation services available in Reno, Nevada, we bring sustainable energy solutions to homeowners in this sun-soaked region. Our expertise ensures efficient Solar Panel installations, leading to reduced electricity bills, a greener environment, and long-term savings, all powered by eco-friendly sources.

There is no other Solar Panels installer in Las Vegas Nevada that can claim to be the best in the world back-to-back 2020 and 2022 (2021 was cancelled by Covid) and we will be competing again in 2023. Contact Us Or Complete A Referral Today.

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