Switching to solar power is something you have been mulling over for quite a while now. Most people believe that it takes far too much effort to switch, but it really easy! The key is to work with the right installation company and know the correct requirements for commercial solar panels. When you do this, you can sit back, relax, and start saving money on your energy bill from the moment your project is complete.

Not only will you be saving money every time your business powers up the computers or turns on the lights, but your commercial property will also have a notable increase in value.

Understanding the Requirements for Commercial Solar Panels

Before you purchase your new solar panels, you may need to consider some of the requirements and permissions for your energy saving project. There is research to prove commercial solar panels’ efficiency, but you may still have questions. Here are some you may have about the requirements for commercial solar panels.

Do I need planning permission?

Obtaining planning permission is extremely important. It is important to discuss the positioning of the panels with your chosen installation company. Your solar company will install your panels on the highest part of the roof, and they should project no more than 200mm from the roof slope.

You might find it slightly more difficult to gain the relevant permissions if your commercial building is listed or situated within a protected area. You need to see if you can minimize the visible impact of the panels so that the appearance of the conserved building isn’t compromised. The installation of solar panels will also need approval from building regulations, so don’t forget to explore this, too.

What about insurance?

You need to make it clear who has sole responsibility for ensuring and maintaining the solar panels. This is vital if you are leasing your commercial building from a landlord. As long as it is clearly laid out in an official contract, there should be no legal disputes.

Will my mortgage be affected?

Based on the circumstance that all lenders are aware of the change in circumstances and insurance is clearly explained, your responsibilities are covered. In a very rare case, your lender might demand to have the panels removed if they are going to affect the sale of the property, but this would only usually happen under extreme circumstances.

Start Saving Today on Commercial Solar Panels with Sol-Up

As you are now aware, installing solar panels and some commercial solar benefits, it’s still not quite as simple as throwing them up onto your rooftop. As well as special additional wiring, the panel placement is key to an efficient system—not forgetting the importance of gaining all of the relevant permissions.

Permanent installation of solar panels will not only give you huge advantages when it comes to taxes, but it will also increase the value of your commercial property. It’s important to always check every detail, like how much commercial solar panels cost.

At Sol-Up, we have experience and knowledge when it comes to obtaining the relevant permits, installing the panels, and ensuring your new energy saving tool in the long run. Contact us today so we can start the commercial solar panel installation process.

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