According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA),Renewable energy will reach 22% of total generating in 2022. This boost is another step on the ladder of the energy transition.

The EIA predicted that by the end of the next year, renewable energy will make up 24% of total generation. Based on its monthly historical data releases, the group frequently publishes forecasts for five renewable energy sources: conventional hydropower, wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal. In California, renewable energy accounted for 44% of power generation, and in the Northwest, renewable energy accounted for around 50% of the region’s electricity generation. These were the top two regions for renewable energy in 2021. Over the same time period, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas boosted its contribution of renewable energy from 10% to 32%.

After the Inflation Reduction Act passed, long-term industrial policy is expected to greatly enhance the use of renewable energy sources.  According to the researchers, solar deployment may reach well over 100 GW annually by 2030. This will result in more significant presence of renewable energy in the overall U.S. power mix ten years from now.

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