Tuesday’s elections were a resounding win for clean energy. Not only did the murky Question 3 get voted down but Question 6 was passed with a 59% vote!

If you don’t know already, Question 6 is the ballot measure to raise Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard from 25% in 2025 to 50% by 2030. Clean energy advocates were concerned that with two energy initiatives on the ballot, people would vote Question 6 down because of the controversy of Question 3. Thankfully this was not the case.

But now that we voted yes, is it in effect now?

Not yet, because Renewable Portfolio Standards are written into a state’s constitution, it needs two rounds of voting before becoming permanent. This was only the first round vote, so Nevadan’s will be seeing Question 6 again in our next voting cycle in 2020.

Once the initiative is fully passed, Nevada will see a massive change in our energy production and purchasing.

Question 6: Sunny Nevada FutureNV Energy already has plans to install over 1,000 megawatts of clean energy to power over 600,000 homes. The plan was already filed with the PUCN in June and NV Energy was just waiting to see the outcome of Question 3 before proceeding. The finished production should be up and producing energy around 2021. It is estimated that about 1,700 construction workers will be needed to complete the projects and that about 80 long term positions will be created.

Nevada is well on its way to becoming one of the greenest states in the nation. If Question 6 passes a second time we will be one of only 8 states that have a renewable portfolio standard 50% or above by 2030. It is believed that with a higher Renewable Portfolio Standard Nevada will produce more energy itself rather than buying energy from out of state. Currently, 80% of our energy is coming from outside Nevada, and most of that is from fossil fuels like natural gas.

Our thriving rooftop solar industry, planned green energy production and our commitment to keeping the state clean will lead us to a bright, sunny and clean future.

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