We’ve done a lot of research over the past few months about Question 3. We’ve written about who it will effect and how it could possibly change the residential solar industry. after putting together all of the pieces of this puzzle we have finally made a decision on where we stand on this issue.

We believe that Question 3 has too many unanswered questions to be good for Nevada.

The Question 3 amendment may be written, but the legislation that actually breaks down the rules of the proposed open market are not. It’s a scary idea to approve this very permanent amendment without knowing any of the working details. It adds an extra layer of  issues on top of the already concerning, contradictory language.

The Amendment itself does not change any past green energy legislation, but it isn’t fully protecting them from companies that decide not to comply. The amendment has two paragraphs that literally create a loophole for future energy companies to do whatever they want when it comes to energy production. Will they try to fix it? Probably, but it isn’t a guarantee.

Is NV Energy a monopoly? Yes, and it needs to be changed as soon as possible. But it has to be done in a way that doesn’t undermine the amazing achievements of renewable energy Nevadans have fought so hard for in the past years. Right now, our state needs stability and time to further progress legislation on its path to become independent of fossil fuels. This way, we will begin to attract new industries with highly paid jobs in renewable energy that will better prepare our state for when we eventually do open the market to competition.

Overall, we do not believe that Question 3 is a death sentence for Nevada or rooftop solar, but we do believe that it is a risky move. Between the actual legislation being unwritten, the money backing Question 3 and the contradictory language, we believe that voting no will keep Nevada away from the negative possibilities Question 3 could create.

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