Wondering how much solar can save you? We have found one of our favorite customer success stories to show you exactly how much you can save per month on your energy bill by buying a solar system for your home.

an electric bill from before going solar.This customer installed solar with us around August of 2017. As you can see, their bill was almost $400 in the summer months, after the installation their bills went down to an easily managed $39.

They said that our installation was smooth sailing, and that when they mentioned our name to the inspector, he said “oh Sol-Up, those guys do a great job!”

Even with their system being split into a few different arrangements they doesn’t mind the look of it, especially with the savings it brings.

“It’s like a game now to see if we can keep our usage down so we can bank KWHs every month to use in the summer months.”

They love being able to watch the minute-by minute production on the SolarEdge app and so far they have banked over 26 MWhs! According to their power bills, they paid a whopping $3,196 in power before getting solar, and after the installation it cut their payments down to $717 for the whole year.

We did some math on their investment costs and it looks like they had a $31,056 system, which once you subtract the IRS tax credit and the utility rebate it goes down to $20,000. With their yearly savings of about $2500 per year, they will have made their money back on the system in a little over 7 years!

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