One of the reasons people are skeptical about turning to solar power for your energy needs is the visual cost benefits. By switching to solar power, you will be able to cut down on your monthly bills substantially, but getting an exact amount of how much is not always available. Recently, Google decided to tackle this problem with the release of their new feature, Project Sunroof.

Advancements in the solar industry have reduced the cost of owning your own solar panels for your home or business. Even as the costs have gone down substantially, many people are still unsure of the full benefits of going solar. Google has created a project that will map out your house and calculate how much you can save each month and year and develop a plan that will allow you to receive the maximum benefits from going solar. They are doing this in hopes that more people will turn to solar as a renewable source of energy.

The project utilizes Google maps and will track down your address and calculate how much sun your rooftop receives. It takes a 3D model of your rooftop and takes into account any shade that it may receive from neighboring buildings or trees. It then looks at historical weather conditions in your area over the years that may affect the amount of solar your house receives.

Based on all these calculations it will then determine the amount of solar each section of your roof gets and shows it by color. Orange and yellow represent sun-exposed areas while purple and blues represent shaded areas. This will allow you to place the solar panels in the most effective areas on your roof.

Below the mapping you will be able to see the savings you will receive in dollar amounts. Google calculates federal and state tax benefits as well as any incentives such as net metering and rebates your state may offer and compares it to the amount you pay each month for electricity to show you how much you will save each year. It also gives you savings if you were to lease the solar panels or purchase them.

You are then given the option to choose to send the information you provided to a solar provider of your choosing to continue on the next steps of powering your home through solar energy.

Las Vegas is the perfect area for solar power as it sees the sun over 85 percent of the year. Sol-Up has a mission to make the city of Las Vegas the solar capital of the country. Contact us today to receive a solar quote and to start your journey to solar energy.

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