Las Vegas is the perfect place for creating energy from the sun, but it has some unique challenges that not all solar panels are able to handle. All panels will decrease productivity in the extreme heat, which means they will produce less energy as the temperature climb. The real difference is, how much does that productivity go down the hotter your roof gets.

Which is why we just switched things up with our tech. We want to make sure our customers are the best equipped to deal with the desert heat and that they will always reach their full solar potential.

Shining Panasonic Solar Panels

Our new Panasonic Solar Panels have the best temperature coefficient out of every major competitor, it doesn’t just beat them, it holds the world record! This means that even at higher temperatures, like the 180 degrees your roof can reach during the summer, your panels will still produce plenty of energy to keep the lights on and the A/C running.

These solar panels were made for the harsh conditions that the desert creates, and are perfect for powering your home all year long. 

As the ONLY Authorized Installer for Panasonic Solar Panels in the Las Vegas area, not only will you get their 25 year product and power warranties across the board, but also their 25 year labor warranty. Which means that if anything happens to go wrong, you won’t pay a penny to get it fixed.

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