Rooftop solar has seen a substantial boom in the city of Las Vegas over the last couple of years. Most see and understand the direction that the city wants to take, utilizing more renewable, clean energy such as solar. Who could blame them? Las Vegas is the perfect place for solar energy as it sees the sunshine over 85 percent of the year and the added benefits of helping the environment through clean energy are always welcomed. Nevada Energy has placed a net metering cap of 235 megawatts that was supposed to last throughout the 2015 year.

The sharp increase of rooftop solar panels has caused the net metering cap to be met by August 20, leaving many solar panel owners and companies in the industry wondering what next. Nevada Energy had asked the Public Utilities Commissions of Nevada (PUCN) for a new rate design. This proposed new rate design by NV Energy would have hindered the production of solar panels and would have essentially halted Nevada’s progress to cleaner energy.

In response, the PUCN unanimously voted to extend the net metering incentive to the end of the year at the current rate. This was a huge victory for solar companies across the city in numerous ways. Not only did this allow the continued production of rooftop solar panels, saving customers a significant amount of money on their utility bills each month, but also saving many jobs in the solar industry. The PUCN will be meeting again on November 18, 2015, to discuss and vote on the future rates and incentives for solar energy in Nevada.

We at Sol-Up are dedicated to providing Las Vegas with a clean form of energy through rooftop solar panels and deliver the best products and service for our customers. Contact us for a free energy quote and discuss your options to go solar today.

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