Nevada is well known for it’s old, abandoned mines and spooky ghost towns, but what if some of these historic locations were brought into the bright, sunny future?

Old, Abandoned mining cars.

A new change in state regulations could give these dusty, dangerous Nevada mines a new life as large scale solar arrays to help power the state.

It’s a match made in renewable energy heaven. The land has already been damaged and stripped due to the mining process and the Nevada government has been working to find new uses for them despite just leaving them as dangerous open holes.

The change is even extremely easy. 5 little words added onto the list of acceptable uses of old and out of service mines can turn these large expanses of land into large, super productive solar panel farms.

There are literally thousands of abandoned mines all across the state, and not all of them are big enough to house a solar farm. Which means that if you still want to go on that haunted Nevada mine tour, you still have plenty to choose from.


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Old mining lanterns.


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