In Nevada, the fight for solar customers rights to fair net energy metering prices have gone to the side of the monopoly. The Nevada Public Utilities Commission have proposed rules that would hinder the future of solar in the state as well as hurt all existing net energy metering customers. One state over, however, California Public Utilities Commission closed a three to two vote to extend net metering for solar customers indefinitely.

Similarly to the case in Nevada, the state’s investor-owned utilities proposed policies that would replace net metering with complicated schemes that would have put solar out of reach for most customers. Unlike the Public Utilities Commission here in Nevada, CPUC voted to reject these policies strengthening the power of the monopoly utility company.

This victory does come at some price, however. While customers will be able to receive full retail rates for generating more electricity than they are using to feed back into the grid, a new fee has been established that will partially offset the value of the credits. The pay increase that solar customers will be charged for is the upkeep of the grid as well as public purpose programs such as energy rebates and low-income bill assistance.

The commission was in agreement that keeping the rates of net metering has been proven effective in continuing the growth of the solar industry in the state of California. Along with the additional fees, residential net energy metering customers are required to be on time-of-use rates that will vary depending on the time of day.

Sol-Up has been fighting for the rights of all solar customers in the state of Nevada. We have a mission to make the city of Las Vegas the solar capital of the world. For more information and to begin your solar journey, contact us today.

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