14 percent, the share of installed U.S. solar capacity stemming from corporate installations and procurement, per new data from the Solar Energy Industries Association, Ben writes.

  • Why it matters: Purchases by tech giants, retailers and others are an important driver of renewables adoption. The top companies are shown above.

🔌 Less than 1 percent, EVs’ 2021 share of the 2.9 trillion vehicle miles driven last year, per Energy Department analysis.

  • Why it matters: It’s a data point that underscores why the rapid growth of EVs is still displacing a relatively small amount of oil.
  • Yes, but: Those 19 billion electric-powered miles driven last year were still a very sharp rise over 2020, and EV sales are growing again this year.

💰$2 billion, the amount Shell is paying for Denmark-based Nature Energy, which produces gas from agricultural, industrial and household wastes.

  • Why it matters: The deal for Europe’s largest producer of these gases is a sign of oil majors’ moves to diversify into lower-carbon sources.

🔋$20 million, the new finance from the Canadian government for Alberta’s E3 Lithium to support its technology development and testing.

  • Why it matters: Lithium is a key input for EV batteries. Countries are racing to snag the geopolitical and economic advantages of the growing EV supply chain.

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