More Americans are considering going solar amid current climate change concerns. 6% of homeowners say they have already made the switch. Another 46% of homeowners said they are seriously thinking about making the change to solar. Find out why Americans are making the switch.

Why Make the Switch?

Rooftop solar panels can add up to 9 gigawatts of electricity generating capacity in 2019 and 2020. About half of South Atlantic homeowners are considering installing solar panels, this percentage of people has gone up 20% since 2016.


More people from the south and west coasts find solar panels beneficial because of the year-round warmer temperatures they experience. California is the leader in electricity generating capacity from small-scale solar (residential solar). 


86% of people who have already installed panels along with people who are considering installing say they want to help the environment. Then, 96% of people say they are trying to save money on their utility bills. Reports also show that homes that have solar panels installed may increase the value of the home. Today, 67% of homeowners say the reason they are considering switching is because of the solar investment tax credit they receive. 

5 More Reasons Why

If you weren’t already convinced of why you should consider installing solar panels, here are 5 more reasons why!

Great Home Investment

Solar energy not only saves you money on your utility bills but also raises the value of your home. A study done in California says that people are willing to dish out an extra $15,000 on a home if it has solar panels installed. Solar panels also will not increase your property tax.

Great for the Environment

Solar does not produce harmful emissions and in turn, will not harm the environment – it is a clean, renewable resource that uses the sun for power. Traditional electricity produces harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide/monoxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and other heavy metals. 

Fixed Energy Cost

The electricity that comes from providers, is not always the same price, rising and falling constantly – and homeowners have to pay the bill when it comes. The cost of solar panels never changes. Once you pay your panels in full your total cost is $0.

Extremely Durable

It’s easy to install and maintain solar panels because they have no moving parts. They are tested to ensure that they are able to stand up against high winds and extreme weather conditions. Even if something was to happen to your panels, most systems come with a 30-year warranty. 

You Can use Solar Energy All Day

Solar energy does not have a limit to how much solar you can use at one time. Solar panels absorb energy based on daylight, not sunlight; so even if it’s rainy or cloudy, your panels are still creating energy. Your energy accumulates all day and afternoon and produces enough energy to last you more than a day. 

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Sol-Up is committed to making Las Vegas the solar capital of the world. With our experience, knowledge, and high-quality Panasonic solar panels, we can help you save money and the environment! Call us today for a quote or with any questions you may have!

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