Casino electric bills are not cheap – not in the least. In fact, Wynn Resorts Ltd., MGM Resorts International, and the Las Vegas Sands Corp. have a combined annual electric bill in the tens of millions and are now in a battle to find their own sources of power rather than going through the state’s Nevada Energy, a company that has a monopoly on providing power in the state.

The consensus among resort managers has been that installing solar panels may be a hugely beneficial addition when it comes to lowering their average electricity bill. Solar power would be a great addition to any business or residence not only because it saves money but is also better for the environment as there are ZERO emissions as a result of using solar energy.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, NV Energy, which is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is pushing Nevada officials to make it pricier for the casinos to find their own power suppliers. In a move that doesn’t quite seem logical, state officials have not allowed a casino to leave NV Energy. This appears to be an unscrupulous act as it essentially forces Las Vegas casinos to solely buy their power from NV Energy only ensuring the company’s monopoly on providing energy – a move that ostensibly seems illegal.

The three major casino properties aforementioned account for nearly 5% of all of NV Energy profits, making it no wonder why the company doesn’t want to allow casinos the independence to supply their own energy. It’s all about money, and not really about finding alternative energy sources that will benefit the environment, which is a really sad predicament.

Enter Sol-Up. We would love to assist with the transition to solar power among Las Vegas’s casino industry. It would definitely have a positive impact on the city and the greater environment as a whole. For more information about installing solar panels in your residence or business, contact Sol-Up today.

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