Despite the actions of monopoly utilities and the Public Utilities Commission to diminish the growth of rooftop solar in the state, Las Vegas still has plans to utilize renewable energy throughout the city. One way the city of Las Vegas looks to make the change to renewable energy is through the use of solar and kinetic powered street lights.

New York-based company, EnGoPLANET has reached out to the city in hopes to test the effectiveness of four kinetic and solar-powered streetlights. The four streetlights will be delivered and installed at no cost to the city and will be housed at Boulder Plaza in the Arts District downtown.

Las Vegas is not a stranger when it comes to the testing of products that would have the potential to be useful and beneficial to the citizens. The location of the four streetlights was chosen to be closer to City Hall, which will monitor and regulate the battery life of the systems.

The streetlights will be completely off the grid and a solution that will utilize zero energy from NV Energy and run off zero emissions. Because the streetlights will not need to be operational during the daylight, their only function will be to capture energy emitted from the sun. The energy is then stored into a battery, which will be used to power the lights at night.

The streetlights can come with many added features such as motion sensors that will dim the lights when nobody is near, cellphone charging stations and sensors that will be able to capture solar energy information. The main reason the company chose Las Vegas to test out the solar streetlights was to analyze the effectiveness and durability of the batteries in a desert environment.

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