In December of 2015, Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts scored a major victory when they were allowed to break away from the monopoly NV Energy. The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada has allowed the companies to halt business with the energy supplier, provided that they pay an exit fee which, combined, totaled over $120 million.

Mandalay Bay, owned by MGM Resorts International, has been hard at work making the switch to renewable energy sources. Sitting atop the convention center are large arrays of solar panels. When completed, it will become the largest rooftop solar array in the United States. The completed project will cover about twenty acres of the rooftop to provide enough power to be completely self-sustaining.

Other casino and hotel operations are following suit and installing solar arrays atop their rooftops to help offset the costs of energy needs. The switch to renewable energy has been steadily increasing in the city of Las Vegas. By 2017, the city plans to power all municipal buildings, fire stations, city parks and streetlights with renewable energy sources such as solar. Upon doing so, Las Vegas would be the largest city to make the switch to 100 percent renewable energy to power all municipal operations.

Las Vegas is the perfect location to utilize the power of solar, seeing the sun shine over 85 percent of the year. Sol-Up has been leading the fight for solar in Las Vegas and will continue to fight for the rights of their customers and the future customers that make the switch to a cleaner energy source. We have a mission to make Las Vegas the solar capital of the world. For more information about how you can begin your journey to solar, visit our website or call us at 702-586-9800.

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