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The benefit of using solar power extends beyond the confines of homes and offices in ways we might not imagine.

Using energy wisely is what we are all concerned about. While smart solar users power their homes, offices, or other facilities, they also route that energy into recharging their electric vehicles. They are saving both at home and on the road!

More electric vehicles drawing more power creates severe power interference

As electronic vehicles proliferate it is not unreasonable to think that public utility companies will begin to initiate non-charging blackout periods to preserve the draw down on power grids. Think about it. Major coastal metropolitan areas already experience brownouts during summer months when the demand for power outstrips production. Power companies issue appeals for people to avoid using AC and other electronic appliances during peak periods. Wouldn’t you agree that it is most likely they will issue vehicle non-charging mandates effective during those same peak periods?  The unrelenting push and need to power cars and trucks with electricity means that storing solar electricity is becoming paramount. People want to recharge at all hours of the day without restriction. Convenience is important. Uninterrupted delivery of electricity is vital.  

Owners of solar power installations for homes and places of work will be unaffected by vehicle charging blackouts, if they have battery storage available.

Do not overlook the importance of battery storage

The goal is to use as much of the solar power we generate as possible. So properly calculating the capacity of the installation needed, properly setting and building out the panel array, and the efficient operation of components are all musts. And to be on top of the game, battery storage is not a luxury, it’s a need. 

Sol-Up carries and installs Tesla batteries

Tesla continues to be a market leader in providing non-fossil fuel solutions for the Modern Age. 

Tesla Powerwall is one of the more effective battery technologies available. It provides clean and sustainable energy. It’s sleek silver/gray housing is a wall mounted and wall hugging installation a little under 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall. Within it hides the beating heart of a 14-kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery with a thermal liquid control system, integrated inverter, LED status lights, and intelligent software that knows when to offload electricity as needed. This is a smart system that learns your energy use and flexes to accommodate your lifestyle and varying power demands. 

Your wall system can contain a combination of up to 10 tradition Powerwalls or Powerwall+. Powerwall yields a 10Kw peak while Powerwall+ gives you a 22Kw top end. Both are fully warranted to be free of manufacturer’s defects for up to 10 years after installation and to maintain an acceptable percentage of energy retention.

Within certain temperate climates, Tesla Powerwall could be mounted outside. However, the intemperate high heat of southern Nevada makes mounting them inside a controlled climate environment not just preferable but recommended as standard procedure.

Save what you don’t use

Instead of the unused power your solar system generates being thrown out on the grid, Tesla efficiently stores it so you can use it later. After all the whole reason you installed solar power in your commercial building or home was to get an immediate, reliable supply of low-cost energy. Why make power and then give it away when you can save it to use later? It would be insane to do anything else.

Being energy independent means maintaining peak performance while keeping costs low

The Tesla Powerwall protects your home during power outages, keeps the lights shining, the refrigerator humming, and the Wi-Fi connected. When the grid goes down, stored energy continues to power your world.

Installing the wall with Sol-Up is easy! They take care of everything, including system design, permitting, installation, and financing. Their NABCEP Certified Installation teams provide the latest solar technologies at competitive prices. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Sol-Up today to fit your home with the latest Tesla Powerwall technology!

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